MJ12 Design Studio

We are a full service design studio for cannabis growth facilities.

We provide cannabis facility design services for all aspects of industry inclusive of cultivation, processing, operations and retail dispensaries. Our TEAM has designed facilities in Colorado, Oregon, California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Massachusetts, Florida, and Hawaii ranging in size from 270,000 SF to 1,000,000 SF.

Our architecture design experience includes:

  • Master Planning
  • Space Planning
  • Facility Design
  • Interior Design
  • Cultivation / Grow
  • Processing including Dry, Cure, Bucking, Trim, Extraction, MIPS Kitchens, Packaging, Locker / Shower Rooms, Vaults & Shipping / Receiving
  • Operations including Offices, Training, Conference & Security
  • Retail / Dispensaries including Branding

"In the cannabis industry, more than most any other, time is money. Our understanding of the many design requirements associated with operating and maintaining cultivation facilities helps ensure a smooth and efficient design process. Our success in development of facilities nationwide is built from a collaborative and integrated approach including Ownership, Jurisdictional Authorities, Contractors, and the Design Team. There is no replacement of the value the MJ12 Design Studio TEAM brings to our clients."