Cannabis Architect:

The MJ12 Story: Our story begins in 2001 in a town south of Atlanta, Georgia when new clients where contacting us needing a cannabis architect for the cannabis industry. Three architects joined together in development of an office focused on providing Architecture of Purpose and Client Driven Solutions. Clients include those in Medical | Clinical, Retail, Higher Education, K-12, Recreational, and Industrial sectors. Through the years secure warehouse projects were developed for specialized clients such as the Department of Defense, Weapons Manufacturing, and Aerospace Industry. In 2012 the operations expanded to include a Colorado location. From this office we developed our first cultivation and processing facility, the year… 2013.

Working with clients in the deep south presented interesting challenges as related to the understanding of cannabis. Similar challenges exist in mixing the cannabis industry with other sectors served by the firm. Our team decided to develop a independent firm dedicated solely to the cannabis industry needing a professional cannabis architect.

In considering names we began with words associated with cannabis and marijuana… Mary Jane was a logical reference. Our investigation of Mary Jane began with researching the name and associated references. During one of our collaborative investigative meetings, the secret committee of scientists, military leaders, and government officials pulled together by President Harry S. Truman in 1947 was discussed. Truman’s names for his secret committee…The Majestic 12 (MJ-12). MJ-12 was formed to facilitate recovery and investigation of aliens and spacecrafts. MJ-12 remains a secret society who’s existence is still questioned to this day.

So it began… In July 2014 we formed MJ12 Design Studio; an architectural firm committed to providing unsurpassed professional services to cannabis clients worldwide.

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